• Childhood memory—Yarn

    Last month was a big valentine’s day. I’ve been thinking a lot. What can I do for my boyfriend? What’s the best present for him?

    Sweet memories came back to my mind. The first time we were dating, in dim light of a cinema, he held my hands. We didn’t say anything, just looking at each other gently. A Warm feeling fills up with my heart. I believe this is destiny. We fell in love!

    He treats me as a princess, accompanies me whenever I need him .we read, we cook, we sing, we walk and we talk. A smile always hung from my face. God knows, in the past, I’m irritable and depressing.  He always tolerates all my shortcomings, and leaves the best things to me.

    Well, you would ask me, what did I make for him? Yes, a scarf. I knitted a yarn scarf for him which means I want the scarf wraps around his neck for the whole life. He used to tell me, when he was a little boy, his mum knitted various yarn clothes and hats for him. He has a special feeling for yarn. Maybe yarn represents the love of his mum. Childhood memories are wonderful. I will also make some yarn clothes for our future baby, hoping that he will enjoy living in a pure and soft yarn world.

    Happiness is simple. Don’t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect to them.

  • The Winter Knitting, The New Olympic Game

    Hello, everybody. Happy New Year.

    Yesterdays I happen to see news about The 22nd Olympic winter games, the title “snowboarding or knitting Finland” interests me.

    Look this green guy, hi, what is he doing? He is knitting the yarn. So funny it is! Look at the yarn on his hand, it is very similar with Charmkey Chunky Yarn. You can just go to charmkeytextile to see that.

    The most feature of Charmkey chunky yarn is that he is super super soft, heavy and warm. Sometimes girl would knit the sweater for their boyfriend or your parents, a warm gift.Warm to baby’s skin.

    Another feature is that the yarn is very cheap, many people can afford it. These days the weather is very cold and it is snowing in Shanghai and all of the world. I am beginning to knit a sweater for myself and now I can choose the color I prefer. You can also try.

    By the way, Charmkey Chunky yarn has many solid colors, red, white, black, sky blue, baby pink, orange. You can find the color you like. Look at his hand, the cream white is my prefer color.

    The yarn is very easy to work up. It is very happy when you make up one scarf, blanket or sweater by yourself. You will be proud of yourself. Let us knitting.

    knitting winter olympic

  • Today is Thanksgiving Day, so today I will teach you how to make a warm heart.

    Today is Thanksgiving Day, so today I will teach you how to make a warm heart.
    You can decorate on your gift box or Christmas tree. Send this warm heart to your friend your father mother and your lover!
    If you learn how to do please don’t forget to share with your friend.

    You can pick one small ball of charmkey acrylic yarn,CK045 ,CK196,CK365 or any others double knitting yarn.

    (make 2 humps)
    Round 1 Using the red yarn, make an adjustable ring
    and work 5 sc in the ring, do not join, using the
    stitch marker to mark the first stitch of the next
    round —- 5 sts.
    Round 2 2 sc in each st around —– 10 sts.
    Round 3 [sc in next st, 2 sc in next st] 5 times—– 15 sts.
    Round 4 sc in each st around —– 15 sts. Rnd 4 is the
    END OF THE FIRST hump, fasten off & weave in
    the remaining yarn, or keep it loose to use it to
    sew the space between the humps together after you join them together.
    Round 5 join the 2nd hump to the first together and sc in each st around both humps —–30 sts.
    Round 6 sc in next 5 sts, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc in next 10 sts, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc in last 5 sts—–
    26 sts.
    Round 7 [sc in next 4 sts, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog] 2 times —– 20 sts.
    Round 8 sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog, sc in next 4 sts, sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts,
    sc2tog, sc in last 2 sts —– 16 sts.
    Round 9 sc in next 2 sts [sc2tog] 2 times, sc in next 4 sts [sc2tog] 2 times, sc in last 2 sts —– 12 sts.
    Start to stuff the heart, but not to capacity just yet.
    Round 10 [sc in next 4 sts, sc2tog] 2 times —– 10 sts.
    Round 11 [sc in next 3 sts, sc2tog] 2 times —– 8 sts. Stuff the heck out of the heart to finish it up.
    Round 12 [sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog] 2 times —– 6 sts. Fasten off and using a length of the remaining
    yarn completely close the opening by sewing it together.

  • Shoes and socks?

    Winter is coming , the weather gets colder and colder.
    Always at that time, Mum is worried about me, because I like bare feet walking on the ground.
    Mmmm , Mum selected the charmkey acrylic hand knitting yarn(blue, pink and purple). As I like pink, my mum likes purple and my father likes blue.
    She is always thoughtful and considerate.
    As I remember the poetry “I cannot remember my mother”—by Rabindranath Tagore
    I cannot remember my mother
    Only sometimes in the midst of my play
    A tune seems to hover over my playthings,
    The tune of some song she used to hum while rocking my cradle.

    I cannot remember my mother
    But when in the early autumn morning
    The smell of the shiuli flowers float in the air
    The scent of the morning service in the temple
    Comes to me as the scent of my my mother.

    I cannot remember my mother
    Only when from my bedroom window I send
    Into the blue of the distant sky,
    I feel the stilness of my mothers gaze on my face
    Has spread all over the sky.

    I love my mum, hot sweet love to her.
    Look, it is very beautiful and lovely knitting acrylic yarn patterns. I love them. Just like socks and shoes.
    What a warm and lovely gift at this cold winter.

  • I love knitting! Memory with my mum.

    Hello, everybody. This is Yuki from Charmkey. I have been working in Charmkey for about one year.

    One year ago, I was just graduated from the university and as an intern student working in Charmkry for three months.

    When I first went to Charmkey, I was amazed by such lovely guy—yarn balls. They are very lovely, having many different colors, super soft feeling, gentle to the skin. Besides, I saw many knitting yarn I have never seen in my life.

    In my little memory and my childhood, I have always seen this kind of yarn balls and seen my mum knitting wool sweater, hat and gloves for me in the winter. I still remember they are very warm I can feel the love from my mum.

    Also I still remembered that my mum always let me help her to winding the yarn. It was a very hard and long time work for me. First, I was very interested in doing this job. After, I lose my patience and went to play .Because I felt acid with my arms. But my mum was still winding the yarn by herself.

    I had to admire that I was so naughty that time but are you naughty in your childhood, aren’t you? HAHA…

    Moreover, in the winter, my mum would knit slippers for me every winter. I was so proud of my mum.

    • 1

    Look, my college and me are winding the yarn and still can find funny when we saw such round and lovely yarn.

    • 1

    • 1

    After three months, I stayed in Charmkey .Because I showed great interesting in the knitting yarn. When I was young, my mum had taught me how to knit. It was such a easy step but I kept it in my mind.

    So now I want to try it myself, I had basic .Each time when we have some new knitting yarns, different colors and different counts. I am very happy to try to knit.

    I love knitting. I find many funny here and memory the good time of childhood with my mum.

    Look, this is one of my prefer works. I very like it. Do you think it is beautiful?

    • 1

    Two month ago, my best friend had her little son , he is a very lovely boy. I want to give the little guy a birthday present. Winter is coming, a small sock I guess it is a prefer present for him. But it is a little hard for me.

    Tell you a secret in a low voice , my mum will help me how to knit.

    • 1

  • New fancy yarn release!(part a)

    Hi, everybody!

    I’m Daisy from Shanghai Charmkey. Today I will share some new interesting yarn for you .Most important thing is theses yarn have relation with me.

    CK452 (100%Polyester)

    • 1

    • 1

    Is it very nice right?
    When we first saw these yarns we think it’s very beautiful and very creative. The original shape of this yarn is a 25kg cloth. We cut them in many small parts and rolled them into a ball. Yes. You can choose colors from original clothes. There are more than 30 types color card for you to choose.

    Why the yarn comes out? One of my customer send mail to me his require he want to knitted bags and he want to feel warm and fashion .so I decide with our design department. They try T-SHIRT clothes, but they think it’s too thin. So we try another fabric. It seems more strong and fancy.

    Now, this yarn is more and popular with my clients.

  • Halloween decorations

    Hi, hi, Halloween is coming. It is an autumn holiday that people celebrate every year, comes every October 31, means “holy evening,”

    This day children also put on strange masks and frightening costumes every Halloween. Some children paint their faces to look like monsters.

    Today I teach people to make a pom pom ball. You can decorate your house with this. It is very easy for you and can create interesting works.

    Finished product:

    • 1

    • 2

    Look, do you think it is beautiful? Do you want to try it by yourself.

    Hi, come on. Easy and funny.

    Preparatory work

    First, you need the knitting pompom loom; Second, acrylic yarn or other yarn you can inform your mother, I guess she knows; Third, A pair of scissors.

    • 3

    • 4

    Please note that there are 4 size needles, diameter from 3.5 cm to 9 cm.

    Now let us begin!

    Step 1

    Put the 2 parts together as picture shows.

    • 5

    • 6

    Step 2

    Wind the knitting yarn around the semi-circle site evenly until full.

    As the picture shows.

    • 6

    • 5

    Step 3

    Wind it in the same way for the other semi-circle.

    • 5

    Step 4

    Cut the extra yarn away of both ends after winding and combine the two semi-circles.
    Please be careful.

    • 5

    Step 5

    Cut the yarn from the middle.

    • 5

    Step 6

    Tie it up with another yarn from the middle.

    • 5

    Step 7

    Open the device and take down the pompom needle.

    • 5

    Step 8

    Trim the shape well.

    • 5

    • 5

    After all, one pompom ball is finished. It is very beautiful and can be made on the cap and decoration.

    Do you want to try ? It is very funny. Trick or treat! DIY OR BUY!

  • A new try and success

    Our new accountant Rose is a more that 40 years old woman, she is very like DIY.

    She tried to knit a sweater for her child before, but failed. Rose said it is a very complicated job. She can’t finish it.

    When I saw her very disappointed, I want to give her hand and encourage her.

    I give her small fishnet knitting yarn, she was amazed because she never saw this kind of yarn before. She wants to have a try. So I teach her how to knit. It’s very quick to learn the way to knit.

    At last, Rose finished her first knitted product. It’s a very nice and beautiful scarf.

    • Step 1


    • Step 2


    • Step 3


    • Step 4


    • Step 5


    • Step 6


    • The finished scarf

      finish scarf-blog 2


  • beginner–curious


    I am Tina from Charmkey knitting, a new person in this team. Before, I never used the knitting yarn and needles. Only in my childhood memory did I see my mother, she knitted the sweaters, hats and gloves for me. I still remember that they are the warmest gift for me in the winter. Now when I see this Charmkey pattern book, I am amazed by it, I can’t help to reading it. I am surprised that how to knit such beautiful products. I am curious and begin to knit the scarf by myself.

    pattern book

    Preparatory work

    This fashion tape yarn is 100% polyester with approximately 25 meters per 100g.The recommended needle is a US 6, but you can also use a US 5.0, 5.5, 6.5. This Charmkey tape knitting yarn is available in many solid color and multi color.


    Please follow below step, beginning to fantasy travel in knitting world.

    • Step 1


    • Step 2


    • Step 3


    • Step 4


    • Step 5


    • Step 6


    During one afternoon, I have finished the scarf.

    It looks very beautiful, I am so proud myself.

    I share the happiness with my team members.

    finish scarf

    Coming on my friends, don’t hesitate. Enjoying the happiness with your friends and parents.