Short Sock


Product description:
  • Brand: Charmkey
  • Composition: 100% Acrylic
  • Color: Optional
  • Size: Optional
  • For: youth/ baby /child etc..
  • Short sock is a warm and popular decoration for baby and children.
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Charmkey short sock is an especial accessory for children and youth. It is very colorful and also you can combine two mix colors yourself. Also it is very simple to knit, mothers can try to knit the pattern for your children. It will be a lovely gift for your baby and children. Made from 100% acrylic, super soft, mild to people’s skin. When spring is coming, the weather will become warm. But it is still cold sometimes. Mothers will be worry about it. Now Charmkey short sock is a good choice, because it is short so it will not very hot for children in such a warm weather. Charmkey short sock can protect their feet. It is very lovely and popular. Different color mix and different pattern is available .You can choose color from the below showing sock. They are all very beautiful and easy to knit. Come on and join us knitting fashion.

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